Ioncube error : Page says ioncube needs to be installed

Page Is Showing Error " Ioncube Needs To Be Installed "

This is a common error, but fortunately easy to fix.
All our servers here at Vendor-Lock Hosting already have Ioncube installed.
Ioncube loaders read encrypted files and translate them to standard PHP to run on the server, so without ioncube loaders
installed on the server, any encryped PHP or other types of files are scrambled and not readable by PHP CLI ( command line interperator )

If you are seeing a message on your page suggesting that Ioncube needs to be installed, but you have Vendor-Lock hosting,
then most likely you missed the step in the upgrade instructions to delete file " php.ini " in your /autoresponder directory.
This file will interfear with ioncube because it does not give a correct path for ioncube loaders found on the server.
You can add the path to a php.ini file if neccessary to keep the file, but in case of the Vendor-Lock Autoresponder,
this file is no longer needed and should be deleted.

If you see the " ioncube needs to be installed " message for YouBackTube or any other application, the remidy is the same.
Delete the "php.ini" file from the directory that the software scripts are uploaded to.

If you are using another hosting provider other then Vendor-Lock Hosting,
there is the possibility that they do not have ioncube loaders installed on their servers.
Please contact your hosting providers' support if you are not sure.

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