How To Use Bounce Accounts - Removing Bad Emails From Your Lists

How to Use Bounce Accounts Feature

The bounce accounts feature is designed to removed bad email address from your lists in your autoresponder.
It will also clean out your email inbox where you are getting the bounce email messages so you don't have to delete them manually.

If you are receiving bounced email notifications in your inbox, this feature is what you use to clean them off your list and out of your inbox.

To use this feature.

1. Login to your Vendor-Lock Autoresponder
2. Click "Bounce Controls" button
3. Click "Create Bounce Account"
4. Enter A Name For This Bounce Account ( any name will do )
5. Enter mail server  ( ) or your server IP
6. Enter IMAP connection port ( default is 993 )
7. Enter the email address ( this is the email address you use as "sender" for your list that has been getting bounces )
8. Enter email account password
9. Enter Bounce Mail Subject line ( Mail delivery failed: )
10. Click "Add Account"
11. You're all done !

Run the bounce check now and your Vendor-Lock Autoresponder will login to your email account with IMAP,
retrieve any emails that have "Mail delivery failed: " in the subject line, search through them, find the bounced email addresses,
and import that data into your Autoresponder for you to view. It will show you each bounced message. It will tell you why the
email address bounced, and what the email address was.

It will then delete those emails from your email lists automatically, so you don't keep mailing to bad email addresses and hurting
your email reputation. Sending to bad email addresses is a sure way to get your domain and/or email address blacklisted with
all the major email providers like gmail, hotmail, yahoo, aol etc.

Once it has completed removing the addresses from your email lists, it will then delete all those bounced email notifications that
were in your email inbox, so you don't have to do it manually. Once these steps are done it will stop, and you can click the home
button or the return to bounce accounts button. If you run the bounce check again for that bounce account you will see that there
is no more bounced email notifications found in that inbox. Please note that the Vendor-Lock Autoresponder can not delete any
emails that are in your email client like windows mail or outlook. It will delete them from your mailbox on the server, and your
webmail inbox after it deletes the bad emails from your email lists in your Autoresponder.

Now all you need to do is click one button every time you login to your Autoresponder to clean up your list.
Clicking "Run Bounce Check" is something you should do almost daily to keep your list clean.
Now with this new system you can setup the account once, and from then on you just have to click one button. :)

Here is a video to walk you through it.

Have a great day !

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