How To Transfer your WordPress Web Site Or Blog to Vendor-Lock Hosting

How To Transfer Your WordPress Web Site Or Blog To Vendor-Lock


In order to transfer your Wordpress site from another provider to us, you will need to perform 2 main steps:

-Transfer your files/databases to your hosting account with Vendor-Lock, adjust necessary configuration settings
-Point nameservers to Vendor-Lock hosting DNS system

*You may change your nameservers before or after transferring content (it’s up to you),

but we strongly suggest you changing nameservers after the content transfer and configuration are completed.

In case you do not have cPanel with your current hosting provider, you will need to proceed with the following steps:

1) Please sign in to your hosting account with your former provider and navigate to the folder where you have your Wordpress installed.
2) Choose all files that stand for Wordpress and download them to your PC.

screen 1.jpg

3)  Download a MySQL database that is used for your Wordpress blog or web site in question.

In case if you face any difficulties with getting your database from your former provider,

we suggest you to contact their support and ask them to provide a MySQL database to you.

4) Connect to your hosting account with Namecheap via FTP. Choose the folder for your domain and upload Wordpress files

from your former hosting provider that were saved on your PC in step 1. If you need guidance regarding the files uploading procedure, you may find it here.

*If you transfer Wordpress installation for your main domain with us,
you need to upload files to /home/cpanelusername/public_html/

**If you transfer Wordpress installation for the addon domain,

you need to transfer your files to the folder which is assigned to your

addon domain: /home/cpanelusername/public_html/addondomain/

5) Now the files are uploaded and we’re almost there. Now you need to connect your Wordpress installation

with the database. Please create new database and user in your cPanel account.

6) Once the database is created, you need to import the content from your former host into it. Please do the following:

-Login to your cPanel account
-Find “phpmyadmin” tool and click on it

import 1.jpg

-From the left-side database list choose the one you’ve just created and click on it

import 2.jpg

-On the options bar, click “Import

import 3.jpg

-Click “Browse” and locate a .sql file from your computer
import 5.jpg

-Once the database is chosen, press “Go

-You will see the message when the import is finished

import 6.jpg


7) After database creation and import are completed, please navigate to the folder where your Wordpress installation is stored. You may do it via File Manager in your cPanel account:

-Login to your cPanel

-Find “File Manager menu and click on it

screen 2.jpg

-Checkmark “Document root for:” and choose your domain from the drop-down menu. Press “Go

screen 3.jpg


-Navigate to the folder where your Wordpress is stored. Choose “wp-config.php” file, right-click on it and press “Edit

screen 4.jpg

-Please fill in the lines with the appropriate name, user and password of the database that has been created and imported before as shown on the screenshot.

Once the changes are made, save changes.

screen 5.jpg


Make sure that your domain is pointed to Vendor-Lock hosting DNS system

That’s it! Your Wordpress is successfully transferred.


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