Changing MySQL user and password for Autoresponder , MVSM, and MVR

If you are getting an error about MySQL connection problem with your autoresponder
or other applications it is because we upgraded security in regards to MySQL passwords.
To fix the MySQL or Database connection error you simply need to change MySQL user and password.

To change the MySQL database user and password for you Autoresponder
( as well as MVSM and MVR applications ) follow these easy steps.

Step 1.  login to cPanel and click "MySQL Databases"

Step 2.  create a new database user. The name is not that important, in this example we will use " newuser "
The red lines are where you will see your real cPanel user name. Create a new password for this user as well,
and be sure to write it down or save it to a text file for the moment.

Step 3.  add the new user to the databases for the applications you want to change. In this example we are
changing MySQL user and password for the Vendor-Lock Autoresponder.

Step 4.  add "All Privileges" to the new user by checking the box, and then click the make changes button.

Step 5.  When you return to the database page you will now see the new user added to the database.
Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each database.  eg.  _adswap  ,  _mvr  , _mvsm,  _autoresponder

Step 6.  After repeating steps 3 and 4 for each database mentioned above, your databases should all show the new user added.

Step 7.  Now we need to change the applications script configuration file to match the new user and password.
To do that, go back to main page of cPanel, then click the "File Manager" button. More advanced users can access with ftp.

Step 8.  Once you opened your file manager in www/public_html you will see your files and directories.

Double click the folder icon next to " autoresponder "  to open that directory.

Step 9.  Right click the "config.php" file, and select " edit "

Step 10.  In the file you will see the current cPanel user name as MySQL user, and the password.

Replace your database user name with the new one.
Your old one will probably be just your cpanel user name alone,
the new one will be cpanel user name with an underscore then the new user name.
So the new user should look like:


where cpanelname is your real cpanel user name.

Also change the password, and be sure to leave the single quotes on either side of the user name and the password.

Then click " Save changes "

Step 11.  Now we edit the cofig2.php file in the same autoresponder directory as you found config.php in.

Right click the " cofig2.php " file and select "edit".

Once again change the MySQL user and password,
and be sure to leave the single quotes on either side of user name and password.

Then click " save changes "

Step 12.  You're done !!

If you would like to edit the Magic Video Site Maker ( which is main website application for many users )

continue to the " public_html" directory, then open " connect " directory, then edit the "connect.php " file.

Add the same MySQL user and password to that file and click save changes.

To edit Magic Video Robot config file, navigate to "public_html" directory, then open "mvr" directory,
the open " connect " directory, then edit the "connect_mvr.php" file.
Add the new user and password and click "save changes "

To edit Auto Ad-Swapper config file, navigate to "public_html" directory, then open "adswap" directory,
then edit the "connect.php" file. Add the new user and password and click "save changes "

Thanks for reading !

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