Getting Started - Basic Usage instructions for the Vendor-Lock Autoresponder

How To Use The Vendor-Lock Autoresponder

1. click create list and fill in your list details . I recommend creating a list called “ test “
just for testing things and sending to only your own email address.
enter your domain email you wish to use for sending, and also select double or single optin.
Single optin will send the user directly to the “optin URL “ when they click the button on your optin form.
Double optin will first send them to the built in HTML “optin page” that you create there, and THEN
send them to the “optin URL “ from the verification link in the email.
Same with opt-out. single optin sends straight to optout URL for a custom page,
and double optin lists will send users to the built in “unsubscribe” page.
2. go to “my lists” and click “edit” next to your list.
3. at the bottom, you can click “add message” to add your series followup messages for that list.
you set the schedule at the bottom for each message you create.
be sure to create a text and HTML version of your emails.
I recommend not sending links and images in HTML until you have established trust with your list subs,
and asked them to add you to their contacts list. ( I usually send about 5 all text emails in text and HTML box to a new list first and ask for them to whitelist me )
4. to create a broadcast message that goes out to the entire list regardless of when they signed up,
simply go to “ my lists “ then click “ broadcast “ next to the list you want to broadcast to.
again, create your message in both text and HTML, and click save. If you wish to add
time delay before the broadcast goes out, add it at the bottom. If not, leave the schedule settings alone,
as they will be already set for the current time.
5. Both followup series messages, and broadcast messages will start sending on their own. No need to do anything after saving it.
If you want to send the broadcast manually, go to “ send broadcast” button on home page, and then click “ send messages “
your autoresponder will send out bursts of 200 emails, then pause for 5 min. then send another 200, and will continue that
until all the messages that are due to send out, are sent.
6. create web forms for your optins by clicking the “web forms” button on the homepage after selecting which list you want
to build a form for, from the drop down menu beside the button. Copy the provided HTML code and paste it into your website.
7. be sure to leave the %unsubscribe% tag in your text and HTML messages at ALL times. This will create the proper
unsubscribe link and details for that list when it goes out at the bottom of the email. It must be there by law.
Also, the email opens tracking uses the unsubscribe tag to track the email opens.
Please note: that only HTML emails can use opens tracking. Text emails can’t display images and therefore
can not use the counter image that collects the “open emails” data. Open emails count can be un-accurate
because many people will only receive your text version of the message if their mobile device or email client
is set to only read text and not HTML. Also, if someone opens an email 2 or 3 times in their inbox, those
will count as 2 or 3 opens, even though it was one person opening it 3 times. This is they way email opens tracking work
with any autoresponder including AWeber, GetResponse, or the Vendor-Lock Autoresponder.
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