How to Upgrade to Vendor-Lock Autoresponder v3.1


How To Upgrade To Vendor-Lock Autoresponder v3.1 From Older Version

The Vendor-Lock Autoresponder now has Auto-Update System.
Therefore there is two ways to update ( if you have v3.0 and newer )
You can now simply login to your VL Autoresponder Control Panel,
and if there is a new release available it will show you a notice.
Then you can click the "Update Now" button to update your autoresponder.

The Vendor-Lock Autoresponder will retrieve the update package,
download it to your server, unzip the files and install them in the correct
directories on your server, no more messing up folders with manual uploads !

Manual upload packages will still be available in case you have corrupt files
that won't allow you to login and use the new Auto-Update system.
Also, if you have version 2.9 or older you will need to do manual upgrade
one last time in order to get the new Auto-Update version ( v3.0 and up )

Using v3.0 or newer is as simple as logging into your control panel and clicking one button.
You do not need to do anything else unless you have error during update procedure.

To do a manual upgrade if you have version 2.9 or older, or if you need to do manual upgrade for other reasons,
please follow the step by step walk-through instructions below. There is also a help video at the bottom of this page.

Manual Upgrade

1. Login to your Vendor-Lock Client Area

Vendor-Lock Click Area

 2. Go to " services " in your navigation bar.


3. Select " my services "


4. Go to your autoresponder / hosting package.

 5. click on " view details ".


6. Click " downloads ".

7. Download the upgrade package to your computer.


8. Unzip the update package on your desktop or where ever you can find it easily.

9. Upload the new files & folders from the download folder to your /autoresponder directory with your ftp client.

10. Delete the file " .htaccess " found in your /autoresponder directory if one exists. ( Don't miss this step ! )
     Also delete the file " php.ini " found in your /autoresponder directory if one exists. ( Don't miss this step ! )

11. Navigate to the " " file in your browser

        ( where " " is replaced with your real domain )


12. Click the upgrade button. Once the upgrade is complete delete the file "update.php"


Now we just need to check if your cron job is correct in your cPanel and you're all done :)

13. Login to your cPanel and add "cron job" by clicking the cron job button.


Your cron job should look like this when finished.

*/15 * * * * /usr/local/bin/php /home/CPANEL_USER/public_html/autoresponder/cron.php >/dev/null 2>&1

 ( Where "CPANEL_USER" gets replaced with your real cPanel user name. )


You can create the cron job using the "5 minutes" setting, then change it to */15  instead of */5
by adding a 1 in-front of the 5,

or use the drop down menu to switch from 5 minutes to 15 minutes.

eg.    select "5 minute setting" then change   */5      to     */15

Then paste the command line into the box.

/usr/local/bin/php /home/CPANEL_USER/public_html/autoresponder/cron.php >/dev/null 2>&1

 ( Where "CPANEL_USER" gets replaced with your real cPanel user name. )


* NOTE: Yes, there is a space after "php" and ".php" and also a space after " /null "

that are supposed to be in the command line.


Once you have changed the */5 to */15 and pasted in the line in red above,
be sure to change CPANEL_USER in the line to your real cPanel user name.

( Your user name will show on the cron jobs page. It's usually your first 8 characters of your main domain name )


Once you have done that, click save.

Your complete cron job line should now look like this.

*/15 * * * * /usr/local/bin/php /home/CPANEL_USER/public_html/autoresponder/cron.php >/dev/null 2>&1

 ( Where "CPANEL_USER" gets replaced with your real cPanel user name. )


* YOU MUST SET THE CRON JOB TO 15 Minutes instead of 5 for your autoresponder to work !!



14. Login to your new Vendor-Lock Autoresponder.



DONE ! :)



Here's a Video To Help you below.




v2.4 Vendor-Lock Autoresponder added these new features:

  • * Added web forms including image button forms and Youtube Video Form
  • * Upgraded web form builder with easy copy/paste text boxes
  • * Youtube video URL form code regenerator ( for the new video web forms )
  • * Broadcast opens tracking
  • * Triple link cloaking and tracking for each broadcast
  • * Triple link cloaking and tracking for each followup
  • * Complete unique clicks vs. all clicks tracking for each link separately within a message

v2.5 Vendor-Lock Autoresponder added these new features:

  • * Banner Uploader For Branding Each List Individually. All internal opt-in, verification, and unsubscribe pages will show your banner or ecover.
  • * New Bounce Account System Which is More User Friendly and more accurate. Now uses IMAP to login to account and check for bounces and shows them.
  • * Email Queue Flush system. If you set a broadcast to go out, and then change your mind, there is now a one click solution for deleting queued emails.
  • * Preview System. Now there is a preview stage before saving your broadcasts or followups. It shows the text & HTML versions for viewing before sending.
  • * Self Send Email Test. Now you can send a copy of the email broadcast or followup during the preview stage to check it at the inbox before saving it.

v2.6 Vendor-Lock Autoresponder added these new features:

  • * New list uploader with CSV parsing for uploading lists from spreadsheet .csv files with First name, Last name, Email address, Phone, & Street Address.
  • * New page formatting on Main controls page for better appearance in Firefox browser and firefox browser bug fix.
  • * Subscriber Page has Phone & Address Edit fields added so you can manually add an address or phone number later for a subscriber.

v2.8 Vendor-Lock Autoresponder added these new features:

  • * New individual auto-run switches for bounce accounts so you can select which bounce accounts run on auto-pilot.
  • * Tracking Links bug fix.
  • * Updates for PHP v5.4+

Version 2.9

v2.9 Vendor-Lock Autoresponder added these new features:

  • List Automation. Remove a subscriber from up to 2 other lists when subscribed to a new list. For example, this enables the autoresponder to automatically remove a subscriber from the "free product" list when they order the " paid product " or upgrade and subscribe to the new paid product list. You can select up to 2 other lists to remove the subscriber from on the list creation page and the list edit page from drop down menu. super easy !

  • List Export. This allows you to export your subscriber list and info to a .csv file on your computer and also makes a copy on your server for you to export. Pick the list you want to export in a drop down menu, and click one button. done !

  • Vendor-Lock Auto-Funnel Page Builder. People would always ask me if there is any software out there that will build a squeeze page or optin page, along with a matching thank you page, and put in a web form for a particular list in their autoresponder. Until now there was nothing out there, but I have added a special new feature to the VL autoresponder v2.9. You now have a new feature on the web forms page. It allows you to enter Text for squeeze page or optin page, Text for the thank you page, add a photo or product image, set the optin redirect link, choose a web form without copying or pasting any code, and build the .html web pages on your server all in ONE CLICK ! This allows you to quickly build squeeze pages, or optin pages for "registering" a a product after payment is made. It will create the thank you page to match, and add the link you entered on the thank you page. You can use this to say "thanks for registering your product, while you're wating for your download email, please check out this new amazing product ! " with your link to that product as an upsell. Super fast and One Click Easy !

  • Broadcast Feedback. I've added instant feedback data on the home page that tells you how many "opens" and " unique clicks" on each of your 3 cloaked tracking links for the "last broadcast sent". This way you can see how many opens and clicks you get for last broadcast on the home page without having to go into your lists and check it from there. Just plain handy !

Version 3.0

v3.0 Vendor-Lock Autoresponder added these new features:

  • Bug Fixes - After PHP version 5.5 was installed on servers some annoying new bugs popped up. This was due to the way magic quotes works now in PHP 5.5+ along with a few other changes required to code because some functions have depreciated in new versions of PHP. This caused bugs such as MySQL errors when trying to save, create, preview or edit a broadcast or followup message. There were also issues with tracking links not working, or not showing up in a message. There was a bug causing images added to emails to have broken link and not show up in the email messages. You'll be glad to know that every single one of these bugs have been squished ! Everything is now up to date with latest version of PHP and all bugs have been fixed.


  • Funnel Page View - The funnel page builder was added in last version, but you had to visit your /pages directory manually if you wanted to look up an older option page or squeeze page you created. Now there is a button on home page that shows all your created pages in /pages directory that you created with the Auto-Funnel Page Builder so you can click and visit them, and copy the URL for an email campaign.


  • Enhanced Navigation - The main control panel has has a slight clean up, some buttons were added in this version, so I have moved a few buttons around and made things fit a little better, but don't worry no features have been removed or changed from previous versions. The buttons are all there, but there are a few more now, so if you don't see your buttons where you expect, look around... they didn't move far ! :)


  • .CSV file Auto-Delete - In past versions, when you would upload a .csv file email list to the autoresponder, it would leave the file on your server, so you would have to manually delete it using ftp or cpanel file manager. I like to make things really easy for my customers to use, so I have built in auto-delete now to the list upload system. Now when it has finished uploading all the data from your .csv file and confirms that all subscribers were added successfully, it deletes the file from the server automatically so no futher action is required.


  • One Click Auto-Update System - This is the last time you will ever have to do a manual upgrade ! That's right, I've finally added a completely automated auto-update system to the Vendor-Lock Autoresponder ! You will not have to download anything, you will no longer have to upload those files to your hosting account, you won't have to run the update installer manually in a browser to upgrade the databases, you won't even have to leave your control panel to download the updates, or even find out if there is a new version. The Vendor-Lock autoresponder will now tell you on the home page if there is a newer version available. It will popup with bright yellow banner to let you know there is a newer release of the Vendor-Lock Autoresponder. When that happens, all you do is click the new " Update Now " button on the home page. The New Auto-Update system will retrieve the new update package from our update servers via ftp. It will then save it to your server, and unzip the package and load all the new files into the correct directories on your server. No more messing up which folder you upload the files to ! :)

    The new files will be ready to go, and it will also over-write any old files that need replacing with the new versions. It will then continue to unpack the update script and run it automatically, so you don't have to do anything. It will only take a few seconds to upgrade your Vendor-Lock Autoresponder now. No more work, no more messing up files, it's a completely automated update system now. There will still be manual upgrade packages available as usual inside your cpanel to download in case you have corrupt files that won't allow you to login and run the new auto-update. Also, if you have an older version than v3.0 you will need to do manual upgrade to get the new version, but after that you will be able to get any new version I release in seconds. It will download the package, install the new files, replace the old files, update your databases and fix all bugs instantly with one click. This is a huge leap in the Vendor-Lock Autoresponder history book, this is a feature I've been wanting to add for years. It took a ton of code work and tweaking to get it to work the way I wanted, but it's finally here ! and it's dead simple. One Click ! I hope you enjoy the new features I've added. :)

Version 3.1

v3.1 Vendor-Lock Autoresponder added these new features:

  • Bug Fixes - Stats on home page for broadcasts has been fixed. It was reading incorrect "opens" information in some situations.
    That has been rectified. The stats have also been upgraded to show both clicks and unique clicks on the home page instead of just unique clicks
    for your last broadcast. It will now also show the list name that last broadcast was sent out to.
  • HTML Template Selector - I have been asked for this feature for a looooong time. I finally managed to make it work.
    Now for your followups and broadcasts you can select an HTML template to insert into your HTML editor. This was not easy, VL autoresponder
    uses tinyMCE plugin for HTML editor, and injecting template code was difficult. Miles and miles of code work ! but it works now,
    and I'm happy to give it to you in this release. Now you can slect between 12 templates and also further edit them in a few clicks.
    There is even reseller templates for selling Vendor-Lock Hosting, Software like this autoresponder and also YouBackTube Software.
    Now you have nice HTML image buttons and headers you can use to send emails to your list, or alter them and make your own before sending it out.
    More templates will be added in the next release

Enjoy the software upgrade !

yours truly,

Jeff Noyes


Vendor-Lock Hosting & Software co.



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