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Autoresponder broken ?
Is it trying to download a file instead of load control panel ? Tracking links not working right ? Have PHP errors such as " field M_ID does not exist " or " field phone does not exist " ?
Does it say "you forgot to add your subject line" when you try to preview even when you did add one ?
Is it breaking links to your images in emails so they don't show up in the inbox message ?
does it to you that you have MySQL syntax error "near" a section of your email text ?
All of these issues were caused by PHP upgrade to PHP 5.5 . But of course I've updated
the Autoresponder again, and have added a bunch of new great features too ! Here is the fix!
Even if you already have the lastest version of Vendor-Lock Autoresponder you should run the update anyway if you got any of those errors.

Upgrade To Autoresponder v3.1

Kind Regards,
Vendor-Lock Hosting Support

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